Frontier Airlines is Offering Free Flights To People Who Adopt Stray Kittens

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If you want a free flight, then get yourself a kitten. Or maybe just get yourself a free kitten, anyway. But it would be nice to get a flight out of the deal too, right?

Well, Frontier is offering that chance after a Las Vegas animal shelter named three of their kittens Frontier, Delta and Spirit.

The kittens are new arrivals and looking for a good home. If you are that good home, Frontier will offer you the aforementioned flight voucher. And yes, we mean Frontier the airlines and not Frontier the cat.

Kittens For All!

The vouchers have already been delivered to the shelter, but the kittens aren’t yet ready for adoption. It will be about another month. The shelter needs to make sure they are healthy enough to meet their future humans.

“The adoption organization has the vouchers in hand and has expressed their gratitude,” said Frontier corporate communications director Jennifer de la Cruz, via the New York Post. “The kittens are a bit young to be adopted out yet, according to what the organization has indicated, but should be ready for adoption in a month or so.”

Frontier is a low-cost carrier based in Denver. Spirit is another low-cost carrier — though interestingly, Delta is not.

“One of the kittens was originally named Southwest, but the shelter didn’t want to risk delaying its departure after the company’s recent cancellation troubles,” said Rob Schmitz of NPR. Gotta love a good sense of humor!

Frontier Airlines Saves The Day

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