Georgia Boy Mowing Lawns of Elderly, Disabled, and Veterans for Free

Jesse's 50 Yard Challenge/Facebook

A Georgia boy is out to mow at least fifty lawns for members of his community who are elderly, disabled, or have served our country — and all for free.

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9-year-old Jesse Ward of Warner Robins, Georgia is participating in the 50 Yard Challenge, a community service project that encourages children aged 7 to 17 to help those who may have trouble keeping their property kept up the way they’d like. The program was founded by Rodney Smith of Alabama. Every kid who signs up gets a t-shirt, earplugs, and safety glasses mailed to them.

To help spread the word about Jesse’s plans to help his neighbors his mom created a Facebook page. If you’re in need of a cut you can contact Jesse through the page.

So far Jesse has only knocked out three lawns but the customers have been more than satisfied, telling the philanthropic kid that their lawns have never looked better. Jesse says he is planning on hitting the big five-oh by October.

A couple thoughts:

1. Always nice to see that there are small children too young to go without supervision from their parents doing more for the world than me. I mean that both sarcastically and sincerely, somehow. It is always nice to see that. But, also, I feel like a piece of garbage now. Might need to have a few beers to make this feeling go away. Can I just write a check to somebody? Do I have to get up?

2. But seriously, props to Jesse. This is awesome. I don’t even like mowing my own lawn and he’s getting out there in the brutal Georgia heat helping everyone he can. If this kid is edging with a weed wacker too then he’s a legitimate superhero.

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