Florida Man Arrested for Dragging Dog Tied to Golf Cart, Killing it

Okaloosa County Jail

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I hate these types of stories. I will never understand how any human has the nerve and heart to treat a poor animal like this. It’s truly devastating to think that they are so numb to their emotions, that they think this is okay. Which is why 79-year-old Dean Woodyatt is now rotting jail for his despicable actions.

The Florida man is accused of tying his german shepherd to a golf cart and then dragging it down the road, ultimately killing it from exhaustion. According to the Fort Walton Beach police department, several good samaritans and motorists saw the incident and desperately tried to get him to pull over to save the pup.


Northwest Florida Daily News stated is unclear as to how long the abuse went on, but the dog later died to heat-related injuries. This after the temperature in Florida was in the high 70s the day of the incident. When authorities arrived at the scene, the pup was said to be struggling to breathe and had multiple injuries on its feet.

The terrible horrible man initially had tried to flee by grabbing the least and jumping back on his golf cart, but officers forcibly stopped him. Police were able to arrest him, and quickly took him to Okaloosa County Jail where he was booked. As far as his charges, well, due to the severity of the issue, they are still unclear.

But, a Panhandle Animal Welfare Society animal control officer was able to take the dog’s remains and a necropsy was planned. The agency is said to pursue the charges. According to PAWS Interim Executive Director Melissa Forberg, “animal cruelty is never acceptable in a civilized society.” Because well, there is no way these animals can defend themselves from an evil presence who has no heart or soul.

It’s heartbreaking to think that there are people who have this much evil inside them. I hope this man gets the maximum punishment.

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