Ghislaine Maxwell Reportedly Has a ‘Clique’ of Inmates in Prison

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Jeffrey Epstein’s main Madame Ghislaine Maxwell is allegedly getting along just fine these days. The Daily Mail calls her “Ms. Popularity” and she seems to officially be a part of a clique of high-profile female inmates in prison.

Ghislaine Maxwell Referred to Previous Facility as a “Living Hell”

Maxwell was sentenced to 240 months in prison and has been incarcerated continuously since her initial arrest in 2020. While held at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, Maxwell was photographed with a black eye. She referred to that facility as a “living hell.

“I have been assaulted and abused for almost a year and a half,” she told the Mail on Sunday (per The Independent). She continued, “I have not had a nutritious meal in all that time. I haven’t slept without lights on — fluorescent lights that have damaged my eyes — or been allowed to sleep without constant interruptions… I am weak… frail… no stamina… tired… don’t even have shoes which fit properly. They feed me rotten food. One apple had maggots in it. I have not been allowed to exercise.”’

Unfortunately, that is many an American’s typical long-term jail experience. The jails in the U.S. are notoriously worse than the prisons. Maxwell was intended to be transferred to the prison that Orange is the New Black was inspired by, the FCI Danbury in Connecticut. But as it happened, she got completely turned around. Now, she’s sitting in a low-security prison for women out in Tallahassee, Florida.

Maxwell Enjoys Daily Jogs in the Florida Sun, Crochet, and Pottery

Maxwell was recently photographed and filmed joyously jogging around the ¼ mile private track set up for inmates. She reportedly does 8 to 10 laps around the track every day before going to work. For work, she performs two (2) three-hour shifts a day working at the library. There, she is highly respected for her literary prowess as she allegedly makes romance novel and history book recommendations to the other inmates.

Maxwell was also chosen to represent her unit in an annual checkers tournament. The tournament is taken seriously, with the prize being a meal that includes pizza and chicken wings (two items that are usually unavailable in a prison).

“You want the best players and she has a reputation for being smart,” an insider told The Daily Mail.

The inmates at FCI Tallahassee are given options for how to spend their free time. That includes Pilates, yoga, lifting weights, and playing frisbee. However, Maxwell’s hobbies of choice these days include doing pottery and crochet classes.

She’s Cliqued With Narcy Novack and Linda Morrow

Maxwell allegedly attends her classes with her friends, aka her clique, who so far as we know are at least two very high-profile felons. Narcy Novack is a former stripper turned convicted murderer who hired assassins to kill her husband and mother-in-law so she could claim their estate funds. They hogtied hotelier Ben Novack and gouged his eyes out before bludgeoning him to death. It was later realized that Narcy’s husband had been caught in an affair with a porn star. But still…

Needless to say, Narcy was sentenced to life without parole. According to The Daily Mail, Narcy Novack is the head orderly for Unit B South. This means she’s in charge of the dormitory where Maxwell and about 100 other women sleep together in bunkbeds with no walls. Yes, just like in that scene from Squid Games, it means that Maxwell is left vulnerable to being assaulted or killed at any point, awake or asleep. And because of the nature of her crime — pedophiles are often maimed or killed in prison — that’s been a real concern for her.

But thanks to being besties with Narcy the double-murderer, that concern has waned at least a bit. Her other pal is con artist Linda Morrow, who assisted her husband in scamming millions from insurance companies.

Ghislaine’s Spirits Are Much Higher Now That She Has High-Profile Associates

According to a source in The Daily Mail, Maxwell’s relationships are vital to her well-being.

“’People know who she is, they knew her story when she arrived. Some of the girls were jeering at her, calling her a nasty old woman, saying she got what she deserved,” said one source.

“The units are basically like a warehouse so it’s hard to escape from that. But Ghislaine hasn’t been attacked yet and it’s gotten much better lately because she is always with Novack…

“Novack commands respect, people don’t mess with her. Her, Ghislaine and Linda seem to band together because they are the most high-profile prisoners here.”

One source, a woman who was recently released from Tallahassee, also said that they noticed a 180 turn around in Maxwell’s eating habits.

“Ghislaine cried a lot when she first arrived. You could hear her yelling that everything was inhumane. She walked around like a zombie, her eyes were always puffy,” the source said. They added, “she sat down next to me in the canteen, took one look at her food and declared ‘I can’t eat this,’ and stormed off.

“She would ask people if they wanted their pieces of fruit and basically lived off apples, bananas, oranges, sometimes spinach or collard greens.

“Now she has some friends and is eating more. She’s bubbly, you see her smiling. She makes a point of saying good morning. You can see she’s visibly more comfortable.”

This is all probably a little upsetting for those who wished to see a more severe form of justice handed to Ghislaine Maxwell. But I guess the good news is that at least everyone in that facility is over the age of 18.

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