GIANT Bloodhound Wins the Westminster Dog Show

A massive bloodhound won Best in Show at the annual Westminster Dog Show last night. His name is Trumpet, but his show name is Toot My Own Horn — and we couldn’t agree more. Toot your own horn, Trumpet! In all your wrinkly, drooling, adorable glory.

He is the first of his breed to take home this highest canine honor.

Trumpet the Bloodhound

Nearly 3,500 dogs across more than 200 breeds took part in this year’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. From there, the pups are narrowed down through various competitions until one winner is chosen from each of the seven dog group: hound, toy, sporting, non-sporting, herding, working, and terrier.

Enter Trumpet: the four-year old bloodhound from St. Joseph, Illinois. After winning the hound category, Trumpet went all the way, taking home the Best in Show title. His breed has never before won the coveted prize in this elite competition…. making him a literal underdog.

Trumpet and his handler, via the New York Times

“I was shocked,” his handler Heather Buehner told the New York Times. “There were seven beautiful dogs in that ring. You know, I feel like sometimes a bloodhound might be a little bit of an underdog. So I was absolutely thrilled.”

Reportedly, Trumpet faced his fiercest competition from Winston, a French bulldog, and Striker, a Samoyed. Winston came in second.

The Top Dog

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