Giant T. Rex Skull Found in South Dakota, Set to Sell for $15M at Auction

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tyrannosaurus rex is back and he’s badder than ever. Or at least, he’s as rich as ever, despite the fact he’s dead. Actually, it’s not the T. Rex himself who’s rich. It’s whoever sells his skull, found in South Dakota.

According to auction giant Sotheby’s, the skull weighs 200 pounds and has been aptly named Maximus. It is expected to generate about $15 million at an auction scheduled for Dec. 9, per the Associated Press.

“This Tyrannosaurus rex skull is one of the best and most complete of its kind ever discovered,” the auction house insisted.

Meanwhile, Cassandra Hatton, head of science at Sotheby’s, said the dinosaur remains “the ultimate trophy … to place in one’s home.”

That is, if you have a spot reserved for a 200-pound skull, of course.

T.Rex Skull Found!

Apparently, dinosaurs really enjoyed hanging out in South Dakota when they were around, as the area where the skull was discovered “has yielded more T. rex material than any other location in the world,” per Sotheby’s.

Interestingly, this particular skull has two large holes in its head, showing that it didn’t die without a fight.

“We don’t know that this is what caused the death of this animal, but we can tell that it did have a major battle during its lifetime,” Hatton told the AP.

So for the low, low price of $15 million, it can be in your kitchen. Or bedroom, or any room you decide to keep your dinosaur heads.

“When you think about it, more people can fit a skull in their home than people who could fit a full dinosaur,” Hatton said.

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