Runners from all across America competed in the Boston Marathon on Monday, four years after terrorists sought to break the American spirit using bombs. Runners like veteran Jose Sanchez have reclaimed the race one step at a time.

The Texas Marine ran the marathon with a very special American flag in hand.

Sanchez lost his left leg in 2011 while serving in Afghanistan. The amputation led him to live a life of solitude.

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But there was a gift that inspired him along the way. Some of his fellow troops gave him an American flag covered in kind words and inspirational thoughts. Though he did not initially acknowledge the gift, Sanchez eventually decided that it was the flag he would fly in the Boston Marathon.

Sanchez ran on behalf on the Semper Fi Fund.

“We live for others — I’ve learned that throughout being angry, and frustrated, and with all that PTSD. I’m channeling it to be positive and to give back to whatever I have taken away from the community.”

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