He’s known across the country as a consumer advocate and radio host, but Clark Howard also serves as a Captain in the Georgia State Defense Force.

“We have a proud military tradition,” Howard said of his family. “From when my family first got to America, we have been expected to serve, and we’ve done so with pride.”

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The grandson of four Eastern European immigrants, Howard loves the United States and the many opportunities the country has given his family. He doesn’t share some of his fellow Americans’ pessimism that has arisen in recent months:

“We have a special secret sauce here, and that’s our people. The innovation, the courage of Americans, the very vastness of our land and the resources we have, have made us the most powerful nation on Earth. But ultimately, what’s made us so powerful is our ideas, our sense of freedom, and how about us as Americans with the diversity we have. The diversity has been something that has allowed the incredible creativity we have in this great nation of ours.”

“Our best years are in front of us,” Howard added.

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