Sarah Silverman, trying to understand the Trump era, says patriotism has been “perverted” Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP
Photo by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

Comedienne Sarah Silverman just finished the first season of her show “I Love You, America,” which features her traveling around the country and trying to figure out what’s going on. But Silverman seems to have gotten a different view of the nation’s values than some of other people and even made a few remarks that could ruffle a lot of feathers.

In an interview with Vice, the 47-year-old comic said that “patriotism is perverted,” explaining, “We’re not on the same page. To me, being patriotic is loving your country … How perverted is it to go from ‘We are one’ to ‘We are number one,’ which is such a childish idea.” Moments later, Silverman took aim at Trump, saying, “The president is childish. He was stunted around 8 years old — maybe something traumatic happened, but he stopped growing emotionally.”

The star called her journey through the nation both “hopeful” and “disheartening,” but she did mention that, while in Nashville, she fell in love with a man who is running for Congress as a Republican, and explained, “We have to look at the hypocrisies inside ourselves. It’s important to listen to other people and find out where our disconnects are.”

Later in the interview, Silverman compared religion to patriotism, saying, “[R]eligion can be sometimes used as a weapon, or to support someone’s own narrative or fears or prejudices.” However, she added, “But when we look at the fringe [of a religion] as a whole, it’s dangerous … They’re taking a tiny fraction of a people that’s loud and making it the entire people. That’s dangerous. The left does that with the religious right. The religious right is not all of religion.”

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The first season of “I Love You, America” consists of 10 episodes available to stream on Hulu, but right now it’s still unclear if there will be more to come in Silverman’s latest venture.

The comic said that her show aims to converse with people across America; in a New York Times profile, she explained, “I am interested in hearing about people’s feelings, … it’s the root of everything.” That profile also charts Silverman’s rise to fame, from a 15-year-old stand-up comedian, to a 22-year-old “Saturday Night Live” cast member and onward from there. Silverman’s new show often plunges her into red America, where Trump voters are abundant, and most of the time, she just listens. She even told the Times, regarding her uncertain future, “I might become a staunch Republican.”

But for right now, Silverman is definitely a staunch liberal. During this year’s Tax March in Washington, D.C., she called Trump an “emotional child” and didn’t scrimp on the f-bombs; early in the presidency, she seemingly called for a military coup. While her future is unclear, her recent “patriotism is perverted” remark probably won’t win her too many new friends.

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