Golfers were stunned when a huge alligator with a fish strutted down the street without a care in the world

ABC Action News/screenshot

Bogey down.

Meanwhile, in Florida, just another gator on the golf course story has come across the wire.

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Maybe word has gotten out in the gator community that you can just do whatever you want on golf courses considering humans are just going to record you existing. These creatures are never shy about exploring the links and often appear to own the place.

ABC Action News/screenshot
ABC Action News/screenshot

The latest sighting occurred at Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in Trinity, Florida.

Norma Respess had her camera rolling when the beast emerged with a big fish snack in its mouth.

“That’s amazing, I’ve never seen that before,” she said. “I’m glad you got the fish.”

ABC Action News/screenshot
ABC Action News/screenshot

The North Carolina woman, who was on vacation with her family, got a heck of a touristy sight.

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“I’ve seen gators that big before, but never anything like that,” she told ABC Action News.

The gator takes its sweet time strutting its stuff down the sidewalk, showcasing the catch for amazed and terrified people.

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