Is it a student from beyond the grave or just a really good Halloween prank?

Either way, a video from a school in Ireland is making the ghost story rounds on social media.

The video of the apparent apparition was recorded on a security camera at Deerpark CBS in Cork City, Ireland.

The video, which has more than 6 million views since posting on Oct. 2, shows something opening doors, rocking lockers, throwing books and tossing a wet floor sign.

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Doubters quickly went to Facebook to share what they saw, proving that the video was indeed a fake.

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Last year, the school hosted a haunted school event called “FearPark.” It is set to return Oct. 29, according to The Sun.

Principal Kevin Barry told The Independent, “We can’t explain the footage, but we invite people to make up their own minds on Sunday, 29th October — we are holding an event at the school called ‘FearPark.'”