Good News France, Condoms Will be Free for Young Adults Aged 18-25

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The birth rate in France may be headed for a dip. At the very least, France seems to be putting together a plan that could make it happen — as it was announced condoms will be free for people ages 18-25.

All you need is an ID to prove your age and a willingness to show your actual face and ask for condoms. The former shouldn’t be an issue; but for young people, the latter sometimes is.

Either way, French president Emmanuel Macron made the announcement and did admit that condoms are indeed free for that age group now, with the idea being to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies.

Interestingly, this move follows France’s decision to offer free birth control to all women younger than the age of 25. That decision was made so that those who fell into such an age group weren’t discouraged from taking birth control if they couldn’t afford it.

Condoms Will be Free for Young Adults Aged 18-25

Condoms had also already been reimbursed by the national healthcare system if prescribed by a doctor or midwife.

As a notable aside, Macron wore a facemask when making the announcement about condoms, as France has had a holiday rise in reported COVID cases. But there have been no mandates in that area and none seem to be on the way.

“Faced with the new spread of the epidemic… I think it’s good to set an example because we don’t necessarily want to return to overall mandates,” he said of his decision to wear a mask.

For now, though, the face covering is just for added protection. Much like the other covering that brought him there in the first place.

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