Parents Are Using GPS Ankle Monitors To Track Their Teenagers… Seriously

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Parents just don’t know what to do when it comes to protecting their children. From apps like “Find My Friends” and trackers inside their cars, things have started to get a bit out of hand. Especially now, thanks to a Clearwater company that now offers a GPS ankle bracelet monitoring system. This allows parents to find their children’s location, no matter what. Yes, like criminals! Sorry kiddos, no more lying about staying over at a friend’s house when in reality you’re out drowning yourself with vodka at a rager. Sad, sad day indeed.

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What was the reason behind this invention? Well, according to Frank Kopczynski, owner of Tampa Bay Monitoring, (of course this has to involve Florida in some way or another) he started the service when a mother called him asking for help after her daughter kept running away from home. So, the birth of the ankle monitor came about. The monitor is said to provide an extra set of eyes and ears. It also has a voice monitoring installed to “increase productivity and offer a peace of mind.” The tracking device is able to update its location and assets compliance every two seconds. It also can’t be tampered with since it automatically lets out a warning that it is being messed with.

Parents Are Using GPS Ankle Monitors To Track Their Teenagers

How much is the ankle monitor? Well, that depends on the size and which one you decide to get your criminal, I mean child. The “Minimally Intrusive GPS Monitoring” sells for $8 and is described as a “lightweight, accurate, waterproof” device that instantly alerts parents in the event of tampering, removal, loss of communication, and entering or leaving set graphic zones.

The “Intense GPS Monitoring with ReliAlert XC For High-Risk Teens” (I swear I’m not making this up) is a small ankle bracelet monitoring device that keeps track of teenagers at all times, where similar to the other one, is tamper-proof. But, the difference is that this one has a second option for the size and model of the monitor, which is a hardened steel-encased security cuff. So basically, like a regular electronic ankle bracelet used for house arrests.

Parents Are Using GPS Ankle Monitors To Track Their Teenagers, Seriously
Tampa Bay Monitoring

Now in case you were wondering if parents actually bought these for their kids, you’d be surprised. Kopczynski stated parents are glad devices such as these exist, receiving over half a dozen orders each week all over the country. Usually, it’s from parents who have frequent runaways, children who do drugs, skip school, or teenagers who are getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Now, I get that parents want to do everything to protect their children, and will go to any length, but I can’t be the only one who thinks ankle monitors for children are a bit extreme, right? I mean, it’s an invasion of privacy! Think about it, overprotective or paranoid parents will literally have their children on a leash as prisoners. It’s ridiculous. Might as well just put your kid in juvie.

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