Graphic: Body Cam Footage Shows Police Engaging And Killing Nashville Shooter (Video)

Nashville Police revealed footage of several officers engaging and killing transgender school shooter Audrey Hale yesterday as she fired on police vehicles from a second story window.

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The video depicts officers desperately attempting to gain access to the second story room where the shooter was located.

They search doors and hallways until the gunfire becomes extremely loud. Police can then be seen moving around a corner to engage Hale. Hale falls to the ground but continues to move as police fire more bullets into her.

Hale had just finished murdering three 9 year old children and three more adults. See the video of the heroic officers stopping this monster below…

These officers deserve Presidential recognition for the heroics they displayed in this situation. Hale could have done a lot more damage if it was not for their speedy response.

Unlike Uvalde, where police sat on their phones as the school shooter rampaged, these officers got to the shooter and put an end to the carnage immediately.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to be in their situation, to know you are going to face a murderous psychopath. Another reason why we must continue to support our brave men and women that protect us.

We released an article this morning showing footage of Hale arriving at the school and shooting her way in, and walking around the school with her guns. That footage can be seen below…

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