Graphic photos emerge after a bounce house nearly changed an Oklahoma family’s life forever KFOR/screenshot

Warning: This article contains images some readers may find graphic.

It’s a scary to think how looking the wrong way for a moment can be the worst thing you ever do in your life, but one Oklahoma family is thankful that was not the case on the morning of Nov. 5.

A trip to an Incredible Pizza location in Warr Acres ended with the Lambert family’s 5-year-old son Bentley, who had been playing in a bounce house, asking if he was going to die.


Incredible Pizza, known fully as America’s Incredible Pizza Company, shows on its website that it offers both food and entertainment at its restaurants, listing a bounce house among the number of attractions.

Shali Lambert spoke to KFOR about her son’s condition and said that, while he is on a long road to recovery, it was immediately clear to her and doctors who serious it was when a hook inside the bounce house came loose and tore into the child’s arm.

A hook inside of a padded wrecking ball came loose and seriously injured Bentley.


“He was screaming ‘I’m stuck,’ I just remember picking him up and I had to unhook the clip and slide it out of his arm,” Lambert said. “He was asking if he was going to die. He saw all the blood in his arm, and so he was asking if he was going to die.”

A photo of the injury, though blurred, show a deep gash.


The child had to be rushed from the pizza place to the hospital, where doctors performed an emergency surgery. The boy’s arm has since been sewed up, but he may have to undergo physical therapy and additional surgeries in the future.

“No kid should have to go through that,” Bentley’s mother said.

Its not clear at this time if the child’s surgery will be covered by the company, but their insurance company is involved.

On its website, Incredible Pizza says its mission is “to bring families and friends together through great food and fun,” adding that it operate its business “by Christian principles, delivering a positive family experience and a fair return to our company.”

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