Graphic video shows teen stomped unconscious while someone else films it


A graphic video out of Murfreesboro, Tenn., shows the violent assault on a teen that took place on Jan. 20 shortly after he off of the school bus.

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The teen was stomped on and knocked unconscious.

The parents, John and Teresa Bodle, told WSMV that while they did not want to identify their son, he has recovered from the attack and is homeschooling.

John Bodle described the attack.

“Two assailants drove up in a car, one jumped out, jumped on his back, beat him unconscious,” he said. “My son says he doesn’t remember anything.”

The other assailant mentioned filmed the assault.

Eighteen-year-old Mickal Ladd has pleaded guilty to felony aggravated assault and will be sentenced next month.

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The father doesn’t believe Ladd has repented and thinks he could have been charged for attempted murder.

“I’ve seen no repentance on the part of Mickal Ladd. We want the community to be safe from him,” he said. “I’m no lawyer, but when I look at the video, I see attempted murder.”

Teresa Bodle said her son was threatened by Ladd for six months before the assault.

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