Another sign was placed at the jail’s exit and advises inmates “checking out” that if they break the law again, the Green Roof Inn “always has a light on” and that “beds are always available.”

“The purpose of the signs is crime prevention,” Staly told the Dayton Beach News-Journal. “It is a warning to potential offenders that the jail is not a 5-star hotel. When you get arrested, we provide the minimum accommodations as required by law. Once an offender ‘checks-in’ they lose their basic freedoms. They don’t decide what to eat, wear, or do with their day.”

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Apparently, though, the jail doesn’t have any problem filling up its “rooms.”

The corrections center in Burrell opened a 272-bed lockup in July 2016, part of a $19 million overhaul that tripled the county’s inmate capacity from 132 to more than 400, according to the News-Journal.

The newspaper reported that the inmate population at the jail rose in 2017 and hit a record high of 212 in July. On Thursday, the prisoner count reached 217 in the county jail.

“Hopefully, when people see the signs and the list of accommodations offered, they will think twice about committing a crime in Flagler County,” Staly said.