Group of Elite Paratroopers Recorded ‘Consensual’ Acts With Woman Smuggled Into Barracks

A video of dozens of troops from the 16 Air Assault Brigade were just recorded having a consensual gang bang with one woman. The woman, who has red hair according to The Sun (that is all we know) was smuggled into Barracks in Colchester, Essex.

At one point in a video, a soldier salutes his friend while having sex with the woman. The Times reports that a source says the videos are “pretty graphic in detail… It’s a single female with a number of soldiers engaged in consensual sex.”

The woman is filmed having sex in different locations around the barracks. At one point a soldier calls her a “tramp” and spits on her.

An investigation has correspondingly been launched by the Royal Military Police.

“The Army expects the highest standards of behavior from all personnel,” said a British Army spokesperson. “Anyone not maintaining these standards will be investigated… Anyone not maintaining these standards will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken against them…”

The spokesperson added that, “The Royal Military Police are investigating several videos appearing to involve army personnel.” He said, “It would be inappropriate to comment further while investigations are ongoing.”

The orgy was filmed and now a bunch of elite parachute troopers may be in deep trouble. The British Army investigation is looking into whether or not the orgy violated any rules. Additionally, they’re looking into how the woman was smuggled into the barracks and if she is a sex worker.

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