Guns N’ Roses used a pinata to let the world know exactly how they feel about Donald Trump YouTube/GunsNRosesChile

Guns N’ Roses shows have a history of unruliness, frontman Axl Rose has dove off the stage into fans with his fists flying and on several occasions, he’s been too drunk to sing (let alone whistle the opening bars of “patience”). But what Rose lacks in civility, he makes up for in unfiltered showmanship–there’s a reason the group ruled the Sunset Strip at a time when good rock bands were as common as the venereal diseases they carried.

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And in a recent Mexico show, Axl Rose brought out his newest prop, a giant piñata of president-elect Donald Trump. The depiction of Trump was met by boos and the audience immediately launched into chants of “puto, puto, puto,” which is Spanish for a male prostitute, though slang has evolved the term into aligning more closely with “coward.” Rose, sauntering across the stage in a cowboy hat and boots announced, “let’s bring up some people. And give ’em a fucking stick…express yourself however you feel.”

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A.V. Club reported that the group have criticized Trump before. In an appearance in Brazil, Rose changed the lyrics of a song to “look at the hate we’re breeding/look at the fear Trump’s feeding.” Thus, while we aren’t sure who will be performing at the inauguration, it’s safe to say that we won’t be hearing “Welcome to the Jungle” on November 20th.

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