Guy’s “Why you should swipe right” PowerPoint presentation on Tinder works surprisingly well

Sam Dixey via Twitter/GracieBarrow1

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but it takes the right kind of bait to snag them, especially when trying to land an online date.

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As such, Tinder user Sam Dixey knew he had to pull out all the stops to make himself the catch of the day, and his surprising tactic has been working out.

The 21-year-old Brit put together a PowerPoint presentation detailing his assets and shared it to his profile. “Why you should swipe right: A presentation by Sam,” proved to be an ingenious plan because, he’s gotten plenty of people — including the woman who helped this go viral — to swipe right.

“I straight away showed my friends, because I’d never seen anything like it before!” Gracie Barrow told Mashable. She spotted Dixey’s profile and posted screenshots online, which have garnered nearly 116,000 likes and 28,000 retweets.

According to Barrow, Dixey’s “genuine 10/10 effort” was charming, and she found it to be “really funny.”

She went on to applaud his work and said she wishes other people would do more to stand out. From the comments online, she wasn’t the only one to have that wish.

“Mostly everyone’s Tinder profile is the same, with good pictures of themselves and usually a shit bio, but Sam’s was different and really stood out,” Barrow continued. “I think most girls appreciate the funniness of it all!”

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Dixey’s hilarious slides included a list of things he enjoyed doing (“dad jokes,” “talking about my feelings” and “laser tag”) and other notable qualities and skills (he’s a “great guy to take to family events” and “owns a Netflix account”) along with some reviews that were definitely not made up (Donald Trump gave him five stars).

Even with the humor behind the profile, it’s definitely improved his dating life. He told Mashable that there had been a “clear correlation between uploading it and the number of matches/dates that have happened as a result.”

Looks like this method is definitely worth a try.

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