Guys, You Are Making Yourself Look Older

We all age. It’s part of life. It’s not a bad thing. Age comes with wisdom, hopefully with confidence, and if you’re doing it right, increased sex appeal. But if you’re aging and finding that less ladies are glancing your way or giving you the time, there is probably a reason. Guys, my dudes, you are making yourself look older.

There are several ways to make yourself look older. And no, we’re not talking about making yourself look old enough. We’re obviously talking about looking older than you feel you should look. And it’s possible to correct these habits and look younger and sexier. The first step is awareness.

Read on and learn.

1. Care About What Goes In Your Body

To start, take stock of what you put into your body.

Are you drinking enough water? Not drinking enough water will dehydrate your skin and affect its pliability. Make sure you’re drinking at least 8 8-oz. cups of water a day. Or get one of those massive water bottles, like this 64 oz. one with a Chug Lid. You can fill it with water and get your daily dosage since it’s so large. However, if you sweat a lot from exercising or living in a hot climate, you’ll need more.

Stop poisoning yourself with crap. Crap makes you look older. Conversely, ingesting the right things makes you look younger.

We’re talking about cigarettes, sugar, and alcohol. All are extremely addicting.

Too much glucose and fructose cause a process called glycation when combined with UV light hitting your skin. It makes your collagen fibers cross-link and then they can’t repair themselves.

Smoking cigarettes over time causes skin and tooth discoloration. Repetitive “sucking” with your mouth will give you extra wrinkles. Additionally, chemicals in cigarettes will damage your skin elasticity. And nicotine will reduce oxygen flow to your skin. All of these things make you look older.

If you need help quitting, consider finding a support group or utilizing nicotine replacement therapy.

Alcohol dehydrates you, weakens your immune system, and affects vital organs including your heart. Further, long-term alcohol abuse can cause brain damage and severe liver damage. None of these things will make you look younger. Nay, they will all make you age much, much faster.

Harvard has some great tips to curb your drinking if you can’t quit cold-turkey.

2. Stop Stressing (Take Care Of Your Brain)

Chronic stress can affect your skin, hair, teeth, and jaw. Your hair will thin, your teeth can become brittle, your jaw will tense. Part of this is caused by oxidation effects of stress. Part of this is from not taking care of yourself when you’re stressed.

Stress can also cause sleep deprivation, which causes circles and bags under your eyes. Likewise, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to other serious problems like reduced libido, personality changes, and increased chance of accidents.

Stress will certainly make you look older. Nevertheless, you can do something about this.

If you find yourself dealing with chronic or debilitating stress, consider making time to de-stress. Sometimes we stress because we feel like we don’t have enough time to relax. But that mindset creates a vicious cycle. It’s so important to make time for yourself, even if it’s just fifteen minutes a day.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are all de-stressing activities that are free. Adopting a pet (but only if you have the dedication), snuggling with a loved one, cooking a good meal, taking a bath, and reading are other activities that can bring you peace. The key is to take your mind away from whatever it is that you’re dwelling on—without resorting to substances which can harm your body.

If you’re finding yourself needing help with chronic stress, here are some more tips. Importantly, don’t be afraid to contact your doctor and ask for advice as well. (And on that note, if you don’t have a regular doctor and you’re concerned about aging, you definitely need to get one).

3. Take Care Of What You Put On Your Body

There’s a lot that can be said about this. It’s important to care what you look like but it’s also important to NGAF. There is a happy medium. It’s found somewhere in a lack of apathy and a sense of self-confidence. Dressing well will make you look younger and sexier. However, you have to do it correctly.

First of all, practice self-acceptance. We’re talking about natural bodily functions that you simply cannot control. Your hair will gray or whiten eventually. You may have male-pattern baldness. Stop worrying about these things.

You don’t need to dye your hair. Gray hair is actually very attractive. It honestly brings a sense of maturity that many potential mates are looking for. Please, don’t wear a toupee. Just accept your hairline or shave it off and go for a different look. But don’t wear a man wig. Please don’t. It will make you look older and just plain silly.

Second of all, remember that point about a “lack of apathy.” Yes, it’s good to accept yourself. But there are things you can control, too. With age comes nose hair and all sorts of extra body hair. This is true for women and men. On one hand, society generally teaches women to pluck and wax. However, men, you, too, can trim your nose hairs. So please don’t rock a nose goatee.

Here are GQ’s latest recommendations for nose hair trimmers.

Take care of your wardrobe. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your clothes. But it’s especially important to not look like you just breastfed a dozen babies when in fact you are single and childless and have no breasts.

Have you ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? It’s a wardrobe created from a few key pieces of clothes that look good together.

It’s important to make sure you dress your age and with the times. This can be tricky and confusing if you aren’t already sure what’s appropriate. The best bet is to pick up a copy of a reputable men’s magazine or look up a male celebrity whom you admire and is your age (and dresses appropriately). After that, try to emulate it but without spending too much money.

In conclusion, take care of your body, take care of your mind, and dress well. You’d be surprised at how much younger, sexier, and more confident you feel.

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