Gwen Stefani Finds Herself in ‘Cancelers’ Crosshairs For “Cultural Appropriation”

Stefani detractors are upset with her while her co-stars were not.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Cancel culture is out to get Gwen Stefani for “cultural appropriation,” supposedly displayed in her music video for the song Light My Fire.

The song also features rapper Sean Paul and singer Shenseea. There is nothing wrong with the song, mind you. To some the video was more offensive because of Stefani’s cultural origin.

Per Fox News: “In the video, Stefani, 52, wears dreadlocks and a blue and yellow outfit that matches the Jamaican flag while dancing and singing to a reggae beat.”

This led to complete strangers — and significantly less popular strangers — getting all up in arms on social media.

“Dear Gwen, You’re far too comfortable with cultural appropriation,’ wrote one nameless, faceless user on Twitter. “Y’all Remember the harajuku girls? The bindi she chose to wear in one her videos? The bantu knots? The imitation of indigenous culture within a music video, as well as, indecently portraying Latina women?”

Of course, there was plenty of support for the video as well, with one user simply referring to it as “amazing.”

Paul told reporters that he was happy to be involved with the song and the video, calling it an ‘epic dream’ being realized.

“I’ve been a fan of Gwen Stefani forever,” he told Rolling Stone, via Fox.

Shenseea said that she was as excited as Paul to have been part of the process.

The singer said, “I feel honored to be tapped by two legends for this collaboration. The whole process was exciting and collaborative. I can’t wait for our fans to enjoy the video!”

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