Half-Naked Man Spotted Running in the Snow

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Nothing screams winter is here quite like going outside in the snow, taking off your clothes and going for a run.

OK, maybe not.

But one man clearly decided to do it anyway after London was hit with a major snowstorm.

Now, keep in mind that snowfall — at least to this degree — is a rarity in London. So it may make people go a little bit bonkers. Whatever the reason, this ripped dude thought it would be a good idea to not just squeeze in a run, but to show the world that a little snow never hurt anyone. In that sense, he truly went the extra mile.

Half-Naked Man Spotted Running in the Snow

But hey, at least he is wearing a hat. Right?

“Wouldn’t want him to catch a cold,” read one comment under the video.

Another responded, “He should wear gloves though,” and there is probably some truth behind that.

While this man was running, and whoever filmed the video was driving, Londoners were warned not to go out because of the snowy and icy conditions.

But as they say, you can’t keep a good (half-naked) man down. In all seriousness, this man must have been so cold. But you know what they say, exercise makes you hot, so maybe he at least had some heat in him and whatnot. Still, people must have looked at him with so many weird eyes. Just seeing a random naked man running around in the wild while everyone is bundled up. Geesh, talk about a wild weekend.

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