Hamburglar Caught Stuffing McDonald’s Burgers Down Her Bra

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Well, this headline basically writes itself. On August 13, a real-life Hamburglar stormed into a McDonald’s in Lewisham, London, got behind the counter, and began stuffing hamburgers into her bra.

Of course, all the chaos was caught on video. Watch the clip and you’ll see the woman, who has yet to be identified, shove one boxed Big Mac down each breast with expert ease — before going back for more. Listen closely, and you’ll also hear her simple explanation for the behavior: “What the f**k. I just want a f*****g cheeseburger.”

A Real-Life Hamburglar

When McDonald’s is busy, especially after a long night of drinking, who hasn’t dreamed of just climbing over the counter and pocketing (er, bra-ing) some burgers? This London woman is living the greasy drunk fantasy. After her bra was full, she just kept going, shoving more hot food down there until the chest of her white dress is bulging.

Eventually, the manager stepped in. But this woman still appeared to make it out with a whole McDonald’s feast.

In the video, one customer can be heard, hilariously, voicing what was likely on everyone’s minds: “But why you got two cheeseburgers on your breasts though?”

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