Happy campers: family of 14 that’s been living out of an RV for years and traveling all over the US are the next reality TV stars

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The reality show revolving door is constantly turning, and in the latest turn, a family of 14 is getting their own show on TruLife, which will be called “The Kellogg Show.”

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The Kellogg’s have been in and out of the news over the past few years after the parents packed their 12 children into an RV for a “fun vacation.”

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Five years later, the “fun vacation” is now their lives. According to their website, they’ve covered over 40 states and all of eastern Canada, and they’ve logged over 85,000 miles in their beloved home-on-wheels.

They wrote on their website, “Our youngest, at 3, has the mind and the experience of someone three times his age and the same goes for the rest of our kids, and, I’d like to think the same for us parents as well.”

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They say that their lives work because they don’t actually “live” in the RV — only sleep and travel. Instead, they spend their time outside “kayaking, snowboarding, climbing, hiking, caving, biking, surfing, biking, and being together.” The parents have branded themselves as “self-employed entrepreneurs” and they ”

The parents have branded themselves as “self-employed entrepreneurs” and they “roadschool” their kids. Mr. Kellogg still works, writing code on the internet, and he’s taught his children how to code as well, which they do for several hours each week.

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