“Has Walmart gone insane?” People couldn’t survive one day of Walmart being closed for Christmas

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You can’t please everyone.

The latest inconvenience in life that had people on the internet triggered was, yes, Walmart being closed on Christmas.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

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All you have to do is search “Walmart closed” on Twitter and voilà — Gripeville, USA.

No Chick-fil-A on Sunday, no Target on Christmas Eve and no Walmart, said one, adding “being non-Christian is actually so inconvenient!!!”

Has Walmart gone insane? One person wanted to know.


Walmart is “not good enough to be closed today,” said a person complaining about Walmart being closed.

Where on earth is this guy going to find brown sugar?

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Seriously — Walmart was closed and someone “couldn’t believe it.”

This is where we are.

At least one Walmart employee responded to the hysteria and was thankful that people got to spend Christmas with their families.

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