Head Up! These Pennies Could be Worth $7,000!

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A penny earned is generally a penny saved. But sometimes, it could be worth 7 grand if you have the right penny. In other words, stop throwing out your loose change. Because it could cost you a small fortune.

So, what makes a penny worth $7,000? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Well, according to the Coin Hub TikTok, all you need to do is go back to 1983. Or more specifically, find a 1983 penny.

“If you have jars of pennies at home, dump them out and look through them,” the TikTok advised. “You’re looking for this $7,000 penny.”

You bet your bottom dollar we are.

The TikTok goes on to say that if you do find such a penny, you need to flip it over and look at the “one cent” wording on the back. If the wording is “doubled” and rises out of the penny, with “3D-like effect,” well, it’s worth $7 grand.

“So keep an eye out for that, because that’s a nice paycheck right there,” the video goes on to say.

What Makes a Penny Worth $7,000

@coinhub “That is a nice paycheck right there!” 😂 #foryou #coincollection #coincollecting ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The video does not explain where to sell the penny for your $7,000, but it probably wouldn’t take long to figure out. The key is to find the penny first.

So, ladies and gentlemen, start dumping those piggybacks and cleaning out the ashtrays. A pretty penny may await.

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