20-Year-Old Florida Woman Has 100-Lb. Ovarian Cyst Removed: ‘My Organs Were Being Crushed’

Photo: Ascension Healthcare, via PEOPLE

A Florida woman had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst weighing in at 104 lbs.

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Allison Fisher, 20, knew that something was wrong in 2020 when she experienced a menstrual cycle that “lasted a year.” However, she was hesitant to seek medical help because of past experiences with doctors who focused on her weight.

“I was always just told, regardless of what it was, that I needed to just lose weight,” she told Jacksonville TV station WJXT.

However, after seeing more women on social media speaking openly about their menstrual health issues, Fisher began to recognize that her discomfort shouldn’t be ignored. She says that her stomach was “rock hard” and that she felt like her organs were “being crushed.”

Doctors Discovered a 104-lb Ovarian Cyst

In 2021, Fisher’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. This prompted the 20-year-old to stop ignoring her own symptoms. She saw a doctor in November 2022 and was taken to the emergency room.

There, she met Dr. Martin Martino, a gynecologic oncologist at Ascension St. Vincent’s, who would remove the cyst two days later. Thanks to modern robotic technology, his team was able to perform a “minimally invasive” surgery. According to him, the growth contained “46 liters of fluid.”

Now, Fisher reports feeling “like a person” again.

“I can see my feet again, I haven’t been able to do that in years,” she says. “I can wear clothes, I can do things that normal people can do.”

Before and After Surgery

Photo: Ascension Healthcare, via PEOPLE
Photo: Ascension Healthcare, via PEOPLE

In a comment to WJXT, Dr. Martino encouraged viewers not to put off seeking medical attention.

“Listen to your body and listen to yourself,” he said, “Be your own advocate.”

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