We’re all paying more to stay alive, and new websites are cropping up to help consumers get prescriptions they need at prices that are closer to affordable.

You’ve heard that American prescription drug prices are rising, year after year, but it’s serious. Average annual price increases can be as much as 10 times the inflation rate; some individual drugs have gone up by 20 percent, 40 percent or more in just a one-year period.

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Historically, prescription drug price increases often outpace increases in total health spending, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. That means prescription drug prices are increasing faster than the average for all healthcare costs. Yikes.

At least two websites have surfaced to help.

Blink Health ( and GoodRX ( work in different ways, but both could save you money, reports CBS Minnesota.

BlinkHealth simply obtains drug prices directly from manufacturers. Consumers pay the wholesale price online and then pick up their prescription at a local pharmacy.

GoodRX, founded by a former Facebook employee, collects and maintains updated drug prices from tens of thousands of pharmacies across the nation, as well as coupon codes for them. It allows consumers to comparison-shop by medication.

A man interviewed for CBS’ story was able to find savings of $80/month on a prescription he needed.

“Yeah, that’s really good,” said Jon Jablonski, father of three.

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