Healthcare Workers are Posing Naked to Protest Protective Equipment Shortages

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Listen, when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones, and basically anyone around us, we do what we can to make sure we stay safe. Which is why healthcare providers are making sure their voices are heard by literally stripping down naked to get their point across.

Basically, healthcare workers in France and Germany are going au naturel to raise awareness about shortages of personal protective equipment as they battle COVID-19. The images first surfaced on a German website called “Blanke Bedenken,” which shows a group of German doctors posting in the nude using medical equipment such as anatomical skeletons and stethoscopes as a prop to “partially obscure themselves.”

According to the website, which is in German but was translated to English, the organizers stated, “We are your [doctors]. To be able to treat you safely, we need protective gear. When we run out of the little we have, we look like this. We are all vulnerable. Medical practices need more support from politics.”

Can you blame them? Heck, I would do that too if I was a doctor whose life was at risk every day. It’s truly a brilliant idea if you ask me. You know people love anything to do with nudity, so what better than using their bodies to get what they need. Nudity plus doctors? Pfft, you’re set, take whatever you want!

In France, several dentists launched a very similar project as they posed with the hashtag #dentisteapoli, which translates to naked dentist, as they alerted the community about their unsafe work conditions in light of the partial lifting of lockdowns. Dentists were forced by the government to stop working and give up their masks and protective equipment amid the coronavirus pandemic, leaving several worried about the PPE storage when they are allowed to work again on May 11.

Luckily, the French health ministry listened and promised to provide them with 150,000 masks for the 42,000 dentists in France. As far as for Germans, Germany’s Federal Ministry of Health stated about 133 million protective masks have been distributed amid the coronavirus crisis. The county received a heavy shipment of 10 million face masks from China and is expected to get 15 million more.

Seems to me like these healthcare providers might need more than those numbers. But hey, if the government wants another protest involving naked doctors, I’m sure they’ll get one. Free the…well, you know.

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