Heartwarming Video Shows Mother Reuniting With Newborn Chimpanzee at Kansas Zoo

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Two days after delivering a baby via emergency C-section, a mother chimpanzee could hardly wait to hold her newborn.’

That much was evident the very second the mother noticed that, yes, that was her baby wrapped in a blanket on a bed. The video of the embrace comes from the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita, Kansas. It features the mother, Mahale, and her son, Kucheza.

Mother Reunites With Newborn Chimpanzee

Mahale experienced some difficulties during labor, leading the zoo to decide on the C-section. It took her a couple of days to recover, leaving the zoo staff to care for the infant chimp.

“Baby wasn’t breathing well on his own, so he stayed in the hospital with the medical team until he could be reunited with mom,” the zoo posted to its website.

Added Dr. Heather Arens, the director of animal health at Sedwick County Zoo: “The teamwork and the collaboration with human medical doctors and the collaboration with the community, I think that is something that not every zoo has. So fortunate to be a part of it here in Wichita.”

Per its website, Sedgwick County Zoo is a non-profit zoo that is home to 3,000 individual animals of nearly 400 different species. That’s pretty impressive, not going to lie. I will say, the video in itself is adorable as ever. You can tell the chimpanzee is confused as to what is in the blanket. that’s when a sweet sweet hand just reaches up and you can instantly feel the chimpanzee’s love. Swooping it up to hug it tight! So sweet!

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