Heidi Klum Revealed Her ‘Worst Date Ever,’ and It’s Pretty Gross

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Videos by Rare

You know what they say, celebrities are just like us. They are regular humans that just happened to be famous and rich. But what we seem to forget is that before they were famous they had normal lives just like us. Take for example Heidi Klum who gave us a little insight into her past.

The 49-year-old model appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where she spoke about her, let’s say NSFW worst date. The date took place at a movie theater and happened to involve a big bucket of popcorn.

Speaking with guest host Nicole Byer, Klum recalled a very weird time when her date kept holding onto a bucket of popcorn that they were sharing.“We went to a movie theater, and you know these big buckets of popcorn?” she asked Byer. “So, he was holding the popcorn, which I thought was already strange. Like, why do I always have to reach over? Like, why don’t you reach over?”

Heidi Klum on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Klum, who is a judge for America’s Got Talent, went on to say the date took a quick turn when she found a “ hot dog”  in the bucket. 

“I’m reaching over and I’m eating the popcorn, and then all of a sudden there’s a hot dog in the popcorn,” she stated. “But it was attached! The hot dog that’s still attached.” Byer went on to laugh with Klum, acknowledging how uncomfortable her date must have been, joking “a bunless dog in the popcorn.”

After asking the audience if they ever had hot dogs in their popcorn, Klum went on to acknowledge that the incident was very memorable. “That was very strange,” she stated. “That was the first one, never happened again, but it was very memorable.”

The Nailed It host went on to joke that movie theaters should make commercials about Klum’s date. 

“It’s something you talk about in therapy,” Byer told Klum. “That’s tough. But, maybe, AMC will have another commercial with Nicole Kidman and she’s like, ‘You can get a hot dog in your popcorn.”

Luckily, Klum no longer has to have those awkward dates anymore. She’s been married to her husband, Tom Kaulitz for three years. Recently she went viral after Klum joked about how she stays looking young by drinking her husband’s blood. “I suck his young blood, is what I’m doing,” she joked,  “Like a vampire.”

You got to give it to Klum, you can tell she’s having a good time.

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