Heinous details emerge about the alleged rape of a teen girl by 2 men she met on Snapchat


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A story out of West Jordan, Utah, has shocked people on social media as details emerge about the night two men allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old in the back seat of a car after contacting her on the social media app Snapchat.

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Brothers Lclair Dodjim, 24, and Richard Mbaye Djassera, 21, face charges of aggravated kidnapping, rape, forcible sodomy, sexual exploitation of a minor, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and aggravated sexual assault. They were also booked for previous charges, per Fox 13, though the nature of those priors is not clear.

The father of the victim said she slept over at a friend’s house on Sept. 8 and snuck out to meet with three men, one of whom she knew from Snapchat. What allegedly happened next is disturbing.

Authorities said they have a video which appears to show two men assaulting the victim, who is “passed out and/or unconscious throughout most of the video and clearly cannot give consent to anything that is happening to her.”

The victim reportedly told police during an interview that the men took her to a gas station to buy alcohol, then to a hookah bar and then to a house party. After that, she said, the only thing she remembered was a man kissing her in the back seat of a car.

KTLA reported that the teen woke up the next morning in one of their homes and immediately called a friend. A sexual assault was reported on Sept. 9.

After his arrest, Dodjim reportedly admitted that they all had alcohol and another man he identified as “Nash” had sex with the girl, but said he himself was “too drunk” and denied assaulting her. He reportedly identified Djassera as the one who recorded the alleged assault.

Djassera was arrested, and according to police, “He thought it was funny, so he recorded them having sex on his phone.”

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The third man involved has not been named.

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