Here’s what a 24-year Carrier employee said to Donald Trump and Mike Pence after they saved his job AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File
FILE - In this Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures during a campaign state at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in Eau Claire, Wis. In his victory speech, Trump called them America’s “forgotten men and women”, the workers from the coalfields of Appalachia to the hallowing manufacturing towns of the Rust Belt who propelled him to an improbable victory. They felt left behind by progress, laughed at by the elite, and so put their faith in the billionaire businessman with a sharp tongue and short temper. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence worked quickly after their election to fulfill promises made during the campaign, creating a $700,000 corporate tax break to Carrier parent company (UTC) that helped save 1100 jobs in Indiana.

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In a Wednesday interview on “Fox and Friends,” 24-year Carrier employee Robin Maynard had strong praise for the president- and vice president-elect, saying, “Thank you […] for taking your holiday away from your family […] and sticking to your word, going to bat for all of us at Carrier and keeping our jobs here.”

The news meant a happier Thanksgiving for thousands in Indiana, though The Wall Street Journal is reporting that another 1000 Carrier workers will see their jobs move to Mexico. Nationally, manufacturing employment peaked in 1979 and has been declining ever since. Recessions in 2001 and 2007 hit Indiana especially hard, costing hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs that only began to come back in 2009.

The move comes at a time when US manufacturing output is at a record level, even with substantially lower employment. Increased output is due to automation of jobs and increased efficiency in production.

In a statement, Carrier Corporation wrote:

We are announcing today that Carrier will continue to manufacture gas furnaces in Indianapolis, in addition to retaining engineering and headquarters staff, preserving more than 1,000 jobs…

Today’s announcement is possible because the incoming Trump-Pence administration has emphasized to us its commitment to support the business community and create an improved, more competitive U.S. business climate. The incentives offered by the state were an important consideration.

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