Banker Surprises Wisconsin High School Seniors With Free 2-Year College Tuition

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Students at a Wisconsin High School got a huge, and hefty, surprise on their first day of school after a businessman offered to pay for every graduating senior to attend a two-year technical college! Yes, you read that right, 34 Luck High School seniors, sounds like the name is justified there, were surprised by their Principal Brad Werner at a back-to-school assembly with two years worth of college tuition.

Businessman Dennis Frandsen, a self-made success who has 35 branches of Frandsen Bank and Trust across Minnesota and Wisconsin, called the principal last month to meet with Werner and the school superintendent Cory Hinkel. Werner stated Frandsen’s bank had been very supportive of the school in the six-year he has been the principal. The 2019 graduates who attend a technical school will receive a full two-year scholarship, covering books, and tuition.

Banker Surprises Wisconsin High School Seniors With Free 2-Year Tuition

The principle stated that around 85 percent of Luck graduates go to college, vocational school, or some sort of apprenticeship to trade. The school runs from grades 7-12, and the offer has made a huge impact on several underclassmen, motivating them to work a hard as the seniors to get a similar opportunity. Frandsen made this particular offer to the graduating class due to there already being scholarship opportunities for students headed to four-year schools. He saw how there is a shortage of skilled workers like plumbers and electricians, which is why he chose a two-year scholarship.

The school will host a parent meeting next month to explain the details, but Werner is already hearing from students who didn’t think they would have the option to go to college after high school due to financial issues. Surprisingly, this isn’t’ the first time Frandsen does something of this sort. He is also paying for seniors at Rush City High School, near his company headquarters located in Minnesota, to attend Pine City Technical and Community College.

Frandsen also started the Frandsen Family Foundation to pay college tuition for students in small towns. What a great man!

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