A Rare look at the U.S. Presidents: John Quincy Adams

He’s the son of a Founding Father and fellow president, but John Quincy Adams forged his own impressive legacy during his time in the White House.

Here are some interesting facts about the sixth President of the United States.

  1. Adams and his father, John Adams, are one of only two father-son duos to be President of the United States. (The other is George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.)
  2. At age 8, Adams watched the Battle of Bunker Hill from his Quincy, Mass., home.
  3. He became Secretary to the Minister of Russia when he was only 14. Due to his early start, Adams is considered one of the most accomplished Secretaries of State.
  4. Adams defended the slaves who famously revolved aboard the Amistad. He won the case, and the slaves gained their freedom.
  5. He was fluent or proficient in seven languages — English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Latin, and classical Greek.
  6. Like his famous father, Adams kept a diary. He started it at age 12 and recorded an entry every day until his 1848 death.
  7. Adams is one of only 15 presidents to be elected without winning the popular vote.
  8. He was the first president to pose for a photograph.

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