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John Tyler, the 10th president of the United States, 1841-1845, is shown in this undated illustration. (AP Photo)

One of history’s most controversial presidents was actually loyal to the Confederacy in his later years. For that reason, some consider John Tyler a traitor.

What else do you know about the 10th President of the United States? Here are some interesting facts.

  1. He was the first vice president to ascend to the presidency after a sitting president’s death.
  2. Tyler had 15 children — more than any other president. In fact, two of his grandsons are still alive!
  3. Texas is a state thanks to John Tyler. His resolution to annex Texas was passed three days before he left office. The city of Tyler, Texas is named for him.
  4. Due to Tyler’s loyalty to the Confederacy, Washington did not recognize his 1862 death.
  5. He was the only president laid to rest under a foreign flag (in his case, the Confederate flag).
  6. More than a century after Tyler’s death, President Jimmy Carter restored his U.S. citizenship.

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