8 Facts About America’s First President: George Washington

Once a generation, a few people come along and change the course for the rest of us. Because of them, we stand taller, we talk clearer, we listen to different music, use different technology, society changes.

In the beginning of the United States, we had several of those minds all living within a few hundred miles of each other. Together, they shaped the legacy and some of the rules and guidelines that still bind us together today.

We at Rare are going to take a “Rare” look at the commanders-in-chief, starting with the honest and inspiring captain of captains, General George Washington.

Fun facts about George Washington:

  1. He is the only U.S. President who was voted in unanimously (for both his terms, too).
  2. Washington actually lost more battles than he won. Most of his losses were minor battles; his true military genius was in the long game. His winning key and decisive battles was where he really won his name. Win the war, not the battle.
  3.  He was the first to sign the Constitution. As president of the Constitutional Committee, Washington was awarded the right to sign the Constitution into effect first.
  4. Washington was only quietly religious. He believed that it was more important to follow your conscious in matter of faith than it was to live by every word of certain religions.
  5.  At the time of his death, Washington owned the country’s largest whiskey distillery. He produced more than 11,000 gallons of whiskey.
  6. That’s no wig! Yup, Washington’s hair really looked like that. He did, however, powder it — keeping it classy.
  7. The wooden teeth… are a MYTH. That’s right, folks. But Washington was plagued with dental problems his whole life. Wherever he was, his dentist wasn’t far away.
  8. After his death, Washington freed all 123 of his slaves. He is the only slave-owning president to do so.

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