Home Depot Employees Build Walker for 2-Year-Old With Hypotonia

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Logan Moore, a 2-year-old little boy from Georgia, suffers from Hypotonia, making walking without assistance difficult. Hypotonia is a condition where there is a progressive loss of muscle tones, such as cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. In the toddler’s case, it affects his motor skills, which means he needs help to walk on his own.

Logan’s physical therapist suggested a gait trainer to help him walk, but his parents didn’t think their insurance would cover it. Not giving up on their son, Logan’s parents Christian and Justin Moore decided to take matters into their own hands.

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The Moore’s went to their local Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia, to try to find parts to make their own walker out of Polyvinyl Chloride, and known as PVC pipes. After looking on Youtube tutorials, the couple asked for help from employees to retrieve the parts, but ultimately got more than you regular PVC pipes.

Jeffrey Anderson, along with other Home Depot employees decided to surprise the family by joining forces and build one from scratch for the little guy. Anderson, a store employee, along with his store manager told the family to get ice cream while the team looked for the appropriate parts and come back in an hour. Sure enough, when the family returned to the store, they saw the walker was already assembled!

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Employees stated the 2-year-old boy quickly began to walk around the store with the biggest smile on his face, with the help of the bright orange trusty walker. The best part about the whole story? The employees decided to assemble the walker for free and even personalized it by putting Logan’s name on one of the pipes. Talk about great customer service, huh?

These Georgia Home Depot employees deserve a raise, an extra bonus, and a nice dinner out! Humanity isn’t lost, people. These acts of kindness are what make our world worth living in.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on May 29, 2019.

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