Homeless Woman Found Sleeping in Son’s Bed, Released From Jail One Day Later

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Portland woman arrived home to find someone sleeping in her son’s bed, and it wasn’t Goldilocks.

It was, however, another woman.

The story centers around Kelsey Smith, the Portland woman who said she heard her dog’s barking. She assumed contractors were doing work in her son’s bedroom. But when she got to the room, she found no contractors.

What she did find was a person under the covers on her son’s bed. Perhaps not a big deal — except for the fact, her son wasn’t home.

“The dogs continued to go crazy, specifically my chihuahua, which was running circles around my legs, which was really unusual,” Smith told Portland’s KPTV. “I followed her to where the other dog was into my children’s bedroom. My lab was standing on top of the bed on top of a pile of clean clothes that I had thrown on there. I walked in wondering if she had cornered a mouse or something because she was going crazy and I realized there was a person under there.”

Homeless Lady Attacks Homeowner

Smith thought for a split second that it might be her husband. She then realized it was another woman.

“I backed out of the room, talking to my friend on the phone saying I needed help, that there was a homeless person in the kid’s bed,” Smith said. “At that point she leapt up, I recognized her as a woman. She hopped off the bed and picked up the ottoman at the foot of the bed and bum rushed me, threw it at me, and then meandered out the door.”

The crazy incident was caught on the home’s Ring video, showing the homeless woman cursing as she throws the ottoman.

“My first thought was what is going on?” Smith said. “The fear didn’t come until after she was gone and I started to run through the scenarios in my head about how this could have played out differently if my younger kids had been home. My 24-year-old son heard the commotion and came running upstairs, charging up the stairs because he knew something was wrong. He went straight out the door and into the street following her, calling 911.”

What has Smith almost equally confused is why the woman was set free following the mysterious decision to break into someone’s home. As well as sleep in the bed and throw a large object at her.

“They said the charges have been dropped and that I can leave a message for the DA and he can call you back,” Smith said. “I haven’t heard anything and that was two days ago, I have to assume someone heard that message and nobody has gotten back to me. I don’t understand why she is not in jail. She’s not harmless. She proved that.”

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