Huh?!: Indonesian police try to stop sale of explicit panda pajamas

Indonesian police are panicking that vulgar and inappropriate kids clothing is being sold and have asked for the public’s help to stop it.

The National Police’s Public Relations Division posted a plea on their Facebook asking for help in stopping the sale of children’s PJs depicting pandas having sex.

The appeal reading:

We appeal to the partners of the Police Public Relations division to be aware of the existence and circulation of children’s t-shirts with indecent illustrations.

Any partners who know of such t-shirt being circulated or sold are kindly requested to immediately report them to the nearest police station.

Those who look closely at the picture the police attached though, will notice a “” watermark, a site known for funny photo shopped pictures and memes.

But judging by the officers pleas, they have determined the obscene kid’s clothing to be authentic.

So, if the next time you are picking out an adorable onesie for your baby, you spot crude illustrations of some animals in some indecent situations, let your local police department know.


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