Husband Tragically Catches Wife Cheating Thanks to Baby Monitor

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A husband just caught his wife cheating thanks to a baby monitor that she forgot to turn off. 47-year-old Marek Fecko was at work when he heard her in the act with another man. While the wife had turned the camera around, she didn’t cut the power — and the sound went straight to Fecko’s smartphone.

The Sound of His Wife’s Betrayal Over the Baby Monitor Was Enough for Him to Grab a Knife

Enraged, Fecko hopped in his car and drove home to find the man who’d slept with his wife. He’d caught wind of the affair 5 months earlier but was waiting for the opportunity to catch his wife red-handed.

When he got home, Fecko grabbed a kitchen knife and looked for the man, shouting, “where is he?!” It turned out to be one of Fecko’s coworkers. He had fled and locked himself in his car.

When the husband saw his coworker in his car, he started shouting, “I’ll kill you!”

Unfortunately for Fecko, the incident landed him in the Carlisle Crown Court, UK. He pleaded guilty to affray as well as possessing a knife in a public place without an excuse.

Judith McCullough mitigated on Fecko’s behalf while prosecutor Tim Evans relayed the details of the incident.

The baby monitor “was connected by way of sound and vision to Mr. Fecko’s phone,” Evans said of the cheating incident. “Within a short time of him leaving the house, his wife and (victim) were in the marital bedroom. She’d turned the baby monitor towards the wall.

“But she didn’t turn off the sound. Therefore the goings on in the marital bedroom were broadcast to Mr Fecko’s phone.”

The prosecutor also specifically mentioned that Fecko was aware of the affair for over five months as if that implied some kind of guilt.

McCullough mentioned that Fecko had moved to the UK from Slovakia 12 years prior after a previous unsuccessful marriage.

“He decided to seek new opportunities and hoped for a better life,” she said (per Indy 100). “While this was not acceptable, it was a very human reaction to a significant degree of provocation.” She added that “he will never be before the court again.”

Mr. Fecko Ordered to Complete 120 Hours of Community Service, Stay Away From Other Man

In the end, Judge Nicholas Barker seemed to take some pity on the betrayed husband.

“Of course, you would be upset and angry at this act of infidelity; after all, you had been married for 11 years and had a family together,” said Judge Barker. He also questioned what kind of response the wife and her lover were expecting when they did what they did.

However, Fecko was still mandated to serve 120 hours of community service and a 1-year restraining order was placed, preventing him from going anywhere near the other man.

We’ve mentioned that you should never keep certain recording devices near your bedroom. But hey, sometimes there’s an exception.

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