Idris Elba Says Being ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Was His ‘Hardest Role Ever’

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The actor had a fun chat with ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante. Elba’s 2018 title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive was one of the topics of conversation.

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Elba hilariously admitted that it was his “hardest role ever.”

Learning The Ropes

Bustamante asked if he knew how to pose for the title or if he was given any sort of direction for the shoot.

“I said to the photographer, ‘I don’t always photograph great in pictures, this picture needs to be great.’ [They’re like] ‘No, no, no. We’ve done this a million times, we know how to do it.’ And I was like, ‘Ok, I’ll just be me.’ Then they do this sort of thing where they make your favourite camera angle work for the cover.”

Idris has acted in multiple roles and received several accolades, but the actor says that he is still quite surprised when people pick him out in public.



“I don’t presume that everyone knows who I am, even though I’ve been acting for a long time. When I look in the mirror, it’s just a guy that was trying to be an actor. So if I walk into a restaurant in the middle of Belgium, I’m not expecting everyone to recognize me.”

Idris Elba is a powerhouse of a Hollywood actor, one that exudes talent and charisma with every role he plays. He has starred in countless films and TV series, but some of his most notable roles include Stringer Bell from The Wire, Heimdall from the Thor franchise, and Nelson Mandela from Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

His versatility and range as an actor make him one of the most sought after performers in Hollywood. Elba has also been seen in a variety of other genres, from romantic comedies to action thrillers. He is a brilliant actor, who has earned several accolades, including a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Luther.

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