If you thought the LaVar Ball CNN interview was crazy, wait until you see how much it was worth

Less than one week of coverage of the ongoing LaVar Ball/Donald Trump spat has granted Ball’s “Big Baller Brand” company $9 million in free coverage and counting, according to numbers calculated by Michigan-based advertising and brand consulting firm Apex Marketing Group.

Big Baller Brand, founded in 2016, manufactures clothing — chiefly athletic wear — and sneakers.

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The Apex Marketing Group figures were cited by ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

Rovell shared the numbers the day after CNN aired a heated and hectic interview with LaVar Ball hosted by Chris Cuomo.

Rare contacted Apex Marketing Group to explain and add to the findings, speaking with Apex Marketing Group President Eric Smallwood.

Smallwood said the $9 million is a comprehensive figure that reflects more than just airtime. Apex began tracking Big Baller Brand on the 17th of November. The feud began on the 15th, on which date President Donald Trump tweeted, effectively, that he’d like to be thanked for his role in bringing home the UCLA basketball players facing shoplifting charges in China.


The players did just that in a press conference that day, apologizing for the actions as well. The next day, Trump tweeted “You’re welcome” and wished them luck in life.

LaVar Ball, father of detained UCLA player LiAngelo Ball, was not so grateful, saying “Trump who?” Trump responded on Twitter, calling Ball “ungrateful” and adding that he “should have left” LiAngelo Ball in jail in China. That was November 19th. LaVar Ball joined CNN for a 20 minute interview last night, November 20.

In just the four days, Apex Marketing Group says they have tracked the $9 million spread across television, internet news sites and social media. The number counts every time Big Baller Brand is mentioned — as it’s been in this piece — or the company’s logo or products are shown in a picture or video.

Had LaVar been wearing his company’s clothing in the interview with a visible logo or other markings, for example, all 20 minutes of the televised interview would have counted in addition to any mentions of the Big Baller Brand name.

If anything, that number is expected to go up — especially in the wake of last night’s interview, which only added fuel to the fire. Ball closed the interview by telling Chris Cuomo to “have a great Thanksgiving” because “Big Baller is!”

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