“I’m a White Boy, But I’m Not Stupid”, Biden Makes Racist Remarks During Speech (Video)

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris made absolute fools of themselves during a speech at the White House commemorating Black History Month.

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Upon entering the room, Vice President Kamala Harris began to laugh uncontrollably. See a clip of that moment below…

This outlet also covered Biden’ uncontrollable screaming during a portion of his speech. See that moment below, or visit our post here…

Joe Biden then claimed that he is ‘A white boy’ and then said ‘but I’m not stupid. I know where the power is’. The audience strangely applauded.

Why are white Americans allowed to be insulted like this to the cheers of a black Democrat audience? See a clip of that moment below…

President Biden, with all due respect, I think a lot of Americans disagree with your statement. You have exhibited a plethora of stupidity since entering office.

Whether it be the failing economy, the worst military withdrawal in World history in Afghanistan, or the massive government spending bills passed during his Presidency, it would be hard to argue that Biden is anything but stupid.

Once again, white Americans are attacked and maligned in public to the chagrin of a black Democrat audience. Why is this kind of racism permitted?

Could you imagine if the roles were reversed? Biden is insinuating that most white people are stupid. Imagine if somebody said that about black Americans. The outrage would be universal. Because the comments were made about white Americans, nobody bats an eye.

This is truly disgusting. If you want to know how the Democrat Party truly feels about racism, look no further than the clip above.

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