This TSA code on your boarding pass could really screw up your day

ARLINGTON, VA - MAY 27: Passengers queue up outside a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at Ronald Reagan National Airport May 27, 2016 in Arlington, VA. According to AAA, 'more than 38 million Americans will travel this Memorial Day weekend. That is the second-highest Memorial Day travel volume on record and the most since 2005. Spurred by the lowest gas prices in more than a decade, about 700,000 more people will travel compared to last year.' (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

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Even one unlucky trip to an airport is enough to make you swear off flying forever. The absurdly overpriced food, endless security checks and the seemingly never-ending construction can send anybody for a loop. And if you notice the letters “SSSS” on your boarding pass, be ready for an even longer hassle in the line.

Passengers with the letters “SSSS” on their boarding passes should expect a delay in their trip, because passes with these letters are designated for additional screening. A TSA spokesman explained to Business Insider, “SSSS stands for ‘Secondary Security Screening Selection’ and it appears on a passenger’s boarding pass when they’ve been selected by TSA’s Secure Flight system for enhanced security screening.”

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While the code has been public knowledge for years, few people are up to date on the TSA tips. The agency explains, “Secure Flight is a risk-based passenger pre-screening program that enhances security by identifying low and high-risk passengers before they arrive at the airport by matching their names against trusted traveler lists and watch-list.” The Secure Flight system is a sort of algorithm that collects personal information that it uses to make pre-check selections. The system also keeps those on the No Fly List from getting on board.

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