In-N-Out Customer Customer Caught Harassing Teens With Anti-Asian, Homophobic Comment

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Stories like these really make my blood boil. Better yet, people like this make my blood boil. I swear people have no sense of humanity these days and don’t think twice about what comes out of their mouths. 

Basically, two people who were enjoying a meal at an In-N-Out Burger located in San Ramon, California, were confronted with several threats and racist language on Christmas Eve. Luckily for them, it was all caught on video, meaning there could be consequences for the person behind the camera. Arine Gabrielle Kim documented the incident on TikTok after she and a friend were filming themselves tasting items at In-N-Out. That’s when a man approached them from behind saying, “you’re filming yourself eating? Are you weird homosexuals?”

Arine Gabrielle Kim on TikTok

Trying not to get to them, Kim and her friends started laughing as they were in a state of shock. Not long after, the racist man returned to their table and asked them, “Are you Japanese or Korean? Are you Kim Jon Un’s boyfriend?  You have gay sex with him?”

After an exchange, Kim’s friend responded asking if he could take them out to dinner. That’s when Kim realized that the incident was going to escalate, repeatedly telling him to stop. The man became so taken aback, responding to them by threatening to spit in their faces.

Scared of the incident, the pair try to play it cool and try to ignore him. That’s when the man returned to them and refers to himself as a slave master before saying several homophobic slurs at Kim’s friend. “See you outside in a minute,” he then stated.

Luckily for the duo a bystandard came and checked on them saying, “this is not in the name of holiday cheer.”

Speaking with local news, KRON4,  Kim stated that when the man came back into the restaurant to pick up his order he began to harass other people of color as well. After the interaction, the man went out to step outside the restaurant to smoke while he gestured and stared at the pair. Kim and her friend decided to wait until the In-N-Out location had closed before they left. That’s when Kim asked one of the employees to check outside to make sure he wasn’t waiting for them.

Chief Denton Carlson

 Kim noted that she was grateful for the employee who watched them walk into their car to make sure they were safe.

Trying to make light of the situation in order to avoid incidents like this, Kim posted the video on TikTok. There she caught the attention of San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson. Carlson went on to retweet the video asking the pair to reach out to them.

Carlson also tweeted the video of the suspect who made the racist remarks, saying that the photo was taken on Christmas morning when the man exhibited similar behavior.  The vehicle in the photo is a silver Mustang with a Florida license plate, according to police. Kim that although it was a scary incident she’s happy both she and her friend didn’t get hurt.“My friend and I were a bit shaken after the incident but I’m just grateful we’re both safe and out of harm’s way.”

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