Indiana Pacers’ Halftime Puppy Race Doesn’t Go as Planned

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A puppy race staged at halftime of an Indiana Pacers game went about as well as could be expected. It was mostly a case of ready… set… stop. Or mostly, just act like puppies and go nowhere.

There was no desire to start, finish, or do much of anything in between, beyond simply remaining next to their handlers, which just happened to be the Pacers’ dance team.

Oh, and a few decided a nap might be a better idea.

But hey, at least the dogs got to go on the court and wear jerseys in support of the home team.

Puppy Race

All of it was designed to promote the pups for possible adoption. And while they clearly will need a little training, who wouldn’t want one?

Anyway, nobody won this particular race, but at least the humans who sported those same jerseys ended up beating the Orlando Magic. Still, this is a pretty genius marketing move. Give the person who created this a raise! I bet all the peppers got adopted that day because just look at all the cuteness! Also, can we talk about the diapers? That’s also a smart move!

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