Insane Brawl Break Out at Busy Gym Filled With Insane Punches

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you’re looking to make massive gains, nobody best get in your way. Especially if you’re at the gym, where testosterone can soar after a good pump. All of this proved true at a Fitness Connection location, where a couple of beefcakes decided to throw down, presumably over an argument about who arrived at the weight rack first. As the video reveals, neither was right.

So they duked it out. Not only did fist fly, but there were some amateur wrestling moves involved, as well as a couple of knee-kick things that never really connected.

Insane Brawl Break Out at Busy Gym

The fight featured a brawny guy dressed in all red, sporting a pair of glasses, a backward cap, and some old-school Air Jordan sneakers. The other man was in a white shirt, wearing a blue bandana and a bad attitude.

The guy in the red was seemingly losing at first, then got in a good right to the other man’s jaw. As soon as it seemed he would end this madness, a woman tried to step in to call the fight. But all that did was give the man in white new life.

Everyone else just sort of stood around and watched after that, before several other big dudes came in and pulled them apart. Either way, the pair of face-pounders gave a whole new meaning to the “connection” part of Fitness Connection. And apparently, that part relates to connecting your closed fist with someone else’s face.

Of course, Fitness Connection doesn’t condone any of this, actually.

Instead, a spokesperson for the chain told TMZ that it “strongly condemns any acts of violence, especially within our facilities.”

In other words, those two will likely have to start taking their act to Planet Fitness. Let’s hope the rematch is a little bit more lively.

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