A camera live streaming what’s happening in the Florida Keys shows people actually taking selfies at the Southernmost Point as the powerful and dangerous Hurricane Irma approaches.

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Not bothered when Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) literally says “LEAVE NOW” in all caps? Check.

Not fazed by a headline like this? “Florida Official: If You Don’t Evacuate, Nobody Will Be There to Answer Your 911 Call.” Check.

What about this one? “Hurricane Irma Is on Track to Change the Course of Florida History.” Check.

The evidence? People are still there, and they’re taking selfies.

Jump around in the video to your heart’s content, and you will likely find people like this guy:

YouTube/Kevin Novibilsky

Or this pair:

YouTube/Kevin Novibilsky

We’re pretty sure the guy on the right is giving the storm dual middle fingers.

Then there was this guy, getting smashed by a wave.

YouTube/Kevin Novibilsky

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It should go without saying, but this is far from a recommended activity.

The camera feed has since cut out, but there are still plenty of live feeds out there.

(H/t Quartz)

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